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Terms and Conditions

1. General information:- VILALAIA works on behalf our clients, the home owner, and acts within the terms of the agreed contract for the lease of the holiday property. VILALAIA is entitled to take legal action in the event of any breakdown of this agreement.

2. Registration/reservation:- the offer VILALAIA makes you – the tenant - is based on the data input on the website. The offer becomes obligatory as soon as your written confirmation is received (by letter, email or fax) by us. Any changes to this agreement need the written consent of VILALAIA.

3. Payment:- A down-payment of 30% is due within 7 days of the above receipt. The balance is due at the latest 8 weeks before your travel. Once full payment is received you will be given all necessary travel documents from VILALAIA.

Important: a damage deposit of 300€ - 1.000€, depending on the property are required which will be returned in full if no damage has occured.

4. Cancellation/rebooking - In the event of a cancellation/rebooking on the contract by the tenant the following cancellation fees are implemented:

Up to 60 days prior to the rental date 30% of the rent will be charged;

From 60 days until 30 days prior to the rental date 80% of the rent will be charged;

29 days prior to the rental date 90% of the rent will be charged. No show will be charged with 100% of the rent.

Any alterations in your reservation, dates and travel times must be submitted in writing with written confirmation from VILALAIA. Accommodation transfers incur a 30€ handling charge. In the event of a transfer being unavailable, the contract will be cancelled and the costs will be charged as per point 3.

5. Travel insurance:- In order to minimize possible cancellation charges, add-on costs and unwanted inconveniences, VILALAIA strongly recommends that tenants include travel insurance in travel bookings. A travel health insurance, which includes basic medical treatment in Portugal and free return transport home in an event of an emergency, is also recommended.

6. Alterations - VILALAIA reserves the right to make any necessary amendments to the rental agreement as long as those do not greatly affect the tenancy, and should this occur the clients will be immediately informed. Eventual warranty claims will be guaranteed unless the amendments would prove deficient.

7. Accountability - VILALAIA is responsible for all administration of the rental registration, for selection and monitoring of properties, for the correct performance of specifications (as described in the offer) as well as the normal contribution to contractual obligations. VILALAIA is also responsible for the functionality (unless the contract says otherwise) of installations such as central heating/pool etc. VILALAIA obtains your reservation on behalf of the landlord/home owner of the holiday property and maintains its duty to exercise diligence to conscientious treatment of the rental registration, the careful selection of the holiday property, and to fulfil its capacity in accordance with offer as well as for the normal contractually agreed arrangements.

The damage liability of VILALAIA does not include bodily harm and is limited to the paid rental on the condition that the damage is neither caused with intent nor through gross carelessness by the tenant. Not included in the liability of VILALAIA are temporary disruptions of water/gas/electricity supply caused by natural phenomenon or other specific causes.

In the event of unforeseeable incidents at the time of the booking, such as a force majeure, general strike or similar, both parties may cancel the contract,

In that case the liability of VILALAIA is limited to the amount already paid by the tenant.

8. Guarantee - If VILALAIA fails in its obligation to the tenant, either wholly of partly, the tenant is entitled to appropriate compensation. VILALAIA has the right to refuse any claim to compensation disproportionate to the cause. VILALAIA has the right to contest any whole or part claim to compensation. The tenant must be able to verify that the failure in obligation was within the contractual vacation time and occurred locally.

In the case of VILALAIA failing to fully or partly deliver its contractual service/obligation the tenant has the right to ask for the problem to be remedied within reasonable time. If the problem cannot be resolved, VILALAIA reserves the right to relocate the tenant to similar or a higher quality alternative accommodation.

In the event that this solution proves to be of extraordinary high cost VILALAIA has the right to refuse that solution.

In the event of VILALAIA not, or only partly, fulfilling its obligation, the tenant has the right to ask for compensation. This should be done within 1 month after departure and only then when the problem has been brought to attention of VILALAIA during the tenants stay.

9. Obligations of the tenant - The accommodation may be inhabited only by as many persons as agreed contractually. The tenant is obligated, with any arising problems, technical or otherwise, to do everything to their power to minimise damage and to inform VILALAIA immediately should any occur. Possible claims for compensation after the end of the holiday can be only considered, if the tenant had informed VILALAIA of the problem, by telephone, in writing, or in person, during their stay. Claims for compensation remain valid only if made within one month after the holiday has ended and have a validation period limited to one year. The tenant is obligated to treat the holiday property with respect for the duration of the contract, and the inventory must be intact at the time the property is vacated. The tenant is responsible for any damages caused during the stay.

10. Domestic animals - Domestic animals may be brought only under previous arrangement with VILALAIA, whereby the tenant is responsible for the animal and any damage it has caused. There is a £300 - £1000 depending on the property, deposit payable upon conclusion of the contract which will be paid back immediately, if no damage was incurred.

11. Journey/departure - The rented holiday property contact starts at 4pm on the day of arrival and ends on the day of departure at 10.30am at the latest. If your departure time changes due to a delayed flight, please contact VILALAIA, and special arrangements may be made if possible.

During the month of July and August entries are on Saturday with check-in from 4pm and check-out until 10am.

12. Other regulations - Area of jurisdiction for all disputes pertaining to the above and specified in the contract is Lagos, Portugal. Any alteration of individual components of the contract does not mean the inefficacy of the entire contract.