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"Once upon a time, a couple bought a house abroad from an old farmer, to whom it did not belong. However, they found that too late . . ."

Dear potential Property Owners,

We can help!

If you already have a property you are interested in, we can advise you in all areas, from the negotiation process, help with translation during all stages, advise regarding usual practice used by private agents and/or brokers locally and especially recommending when it is best to let caution prevail.

If you do become a lucky owner, we will gladly assist you with all the administrative necessities, such as opening a bank account, insurance options, tax matters etc.

In addition, we provide an interior furnishing service, liaising with you to create your personal style, taking full consideration of your budget, practicalities and design preferences.

Our range of services varies for each individual case; therefore we are unable to quote you a price on-line. We can, however, say in our favour that our prices compare positively with our competitors.

If there is anything else that we could include for you, please let us know. We are open to suggestions.

Your VILALAIA team