4 Holiday House in Salema

419 Casa Rosita Villa 11

from 75,- €
 per day

419 Casa Rosita

4 people, 100 m2 living space, bathroom, child-friendly, dishwasher, 2 bedroom, satellite TV, Washing machine

Casa Rosita is what you would call a traditional village cottage from exterior. Inside it has beent has been completely renovated giving it a mode…

412 Vivenda do Trilio Villa 18

90,- €
 per day

412 Vivenda do Trilio

4 people, 160 m2 living space, 2 bathroom, Have a shower), dishwasher, 2 bedroom, terrace, satellite TV, Washing machine

Vivenda do Trilio is set on a hillside enjoying views over Parque da Floresta golf course and the countryside of the western Algarve. The living a…

621 Vivenda Coruja Villa 17

from 175,- €
 per day

621 Vivenda Coruja

6 people, 170 m2 living space, 2 bathroom, child-friendly, dishwasher, 3 bedroom, satellite TV

Vivenda Coruja is a lovely secluded property in the Western Algarve close to the popular yet traditional fishing village of Salema. The village has a …

803 Villa Vanessa Villa 26

from 1.115,- €
 per day

803 Villa Vanessa

9 people, 330 m2 living space, 4 bathroom, dishwasher, 4 bedroom, terrace, satellite TV, Washing machine

This exclusive private property is probably the most stunning along the Algarve coast: uniquely positioned with spectacular never-ending sea views, pr…