8 Holiday Apartment in Lagos

416 Casa Gloria Appartment 14

from 60,- €
 per day

416 Casa Gloria

4 people, 80 m2 living space

In the middle of Lagos is the apartment Casa Gloria. A lift brings you into the 5th floor. From the terrace  you have a great view over the city …

428 Casa Alexa Appartment 10

from 75,- €
 per day

428 Casa Alexa

4 people, 120 m2 living space, 2 bathroom, child-friendly, dishwasher, 2 bedroom, terrace, satellite TV, Washing machine

Just a very short walking distance from the popular and beautiful Dona Ana beach, this apartment clearly has it all: the fantastic view, the per…

421 Casa Luz Azul Appartment 9

from 75,- €
 per day

421 Casa Luz Azul

4 people, 80 m2 living space, 2 bathroom, 2 bedroom, Washing machine

This holiday apartment is located at the entrance of old town Lagos, across the Avenda dos Descobrimentos in a quiet residential area. Sea views, walk…

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  • Traveltime: 01.03 - 14.04.19
415 Casa Pimenta Appartment 10

from 80,- €
 per day

415 Casa Pimenta

5 people, 60 m2 living space, bathroom, 2 bedroom, satellite TV, Washing machine

The beautiful apartment is situated in the resort of Iberlagos, about 100m from Dona Ana beach above the famous golden cliffs. The pool area has breat…

427 Casa Azalea Appartment 21

from 85,- €
 per day

427 Casa Azalea

4 people, 120 m2 living space, 2 bathroom, Have a shower), dishwasher, 2 bedroom, terrace, Washing machine

Casa Azalea is a beautifully located holiday apartment within easy walking distance to the marina of Lagos. The historic beautiful center of the medie…

616 Casa Marimba Appartment 8

from 90,- €
 per day

616 Casa Marimba

7 people, 110 m2 living space, 2 bathroom, Have a shower), 3 bedroom, satellite TV

In the center of Lagos (old part), 2nd floor (lift) of a 5story building awaits you a typical city apartment built in the 80's. The apartment offers…

413 Casa Melro Appartment 11

145,- €
 per day

413 Casa Melro

4 people, 60 m2 living space

In der am schönsten gelegenen Ferienanlage von Lagos, in erstklassiger Lage liegt im 3. Stock (Lift) das Apartment "Casa Melro". Ein seitlicher Blick …

605 Casa Sara Appartment 25

from 230,- €
 per day

605 Casa Sara

6 people, 250 m2 living space, 2 bathroom, Have a shower), child-friendly, dishwasher, 3 bedroom, terrace, satellite TV, Washing machine

Casa Sara, the ultimate in luxury apartments, sits above the beautiful Praia Dona Ana beach, and offers unlimited sea views.  The property lo…